My One-to-one mentoring program is designed for career professionals, entrepreneurs and business executives looking to achieve supernormal growth in their current and future opportunities. My approach to mentoring takes a 5-step format which includes:

1. Understanding You

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses; we will achieve this through an initial synergy meeting before performing a deep dive discussion that will test, understand and document your reactions to different challenges and problems.

2. Goal setting

Mentorship without goals is just companionship. My aim is to mentor you to your goals. Our first job will be to understand your goal and help you introduce short term actionable plans. In addition to this, we will create a milestone-based action plan that we can measure and track in real time. If you do not have goals already set, I will help you identify actionable short to medium term goals that will form the basis of the program.

3. Stakeholder mapping

No one can progress alone. There are always people that will contribute significantly to your success and people that, if not managed, can pull you down significantly. In this phase, we will be identifying your key stakeholders and classify each of them based on their influence and impact on your goals.

4. Deep Dive

Once the above steps are concluded, we will dive deep into each program. We will do this over sessions that will focus on:

  • How we are tracking against the goals
  • The challenges you are facing and how I can help
  • Key learning points from executing the last set of actions
  • How are you tracking against each stakeholder?
  • What you must do next to progress along the goal plan

5. Tracking

We will deploy a Mentorship tracking system to help you track both your performance against your goals and stakeholders. The amount of information you have about your performance will depend on how much information you give to the system. I will also be reviewing the tracker and recommend areas of focus on a real time basis.