Enter, Perform, Exit

Only a tree grows on one spot. You are not a tree. You are human. You were designed to move. From one stage to the other. One phase to another. From time, humans have gone through various stages. Making exploits and reaching new heights. All driven by an opportunity. Opportunity to fill a need.

For the first time in history, Amida Azeez delves into the lifecycle of opportunities. How anyone can maximize whatever opportunity they find themselves. Through the EPE principle, he establishes a leading and provoking thought line that sets a new path for how opportunities will be perceived. The principles showcase how humans must continuously refresh, recycle, and leverage their opportunity web to generate extraordinary growth.

EPE means Enter, Perform, Exit and it is the cycle that dictates how all opportunities work. Master the EPE principle and you will be liberated from stagnation in any opportunity you find yourself.

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